Our Mission can become

 YOUR mission!


God wants us to give cheerfully to His House, where we are planted to increase His Kingdom. 

Giving honours God and opens the way to experience His blessing in abundance.

We thank you for your faithful giving and contribution that makes possible for us to go out and make a difference in our world!

“Bring the tithes in full to the treasury, so that there is food in my house; put me to the test now like this, says Yahweh Sabaoth, and see if I do not open the floodgates of heaven for you and pour out an abundant blessing for you.” -Malachi 3:10



Bank Name: ICICI BANK.

Branch: Krishnagiri.

Account Name: Koinonia John the Baptist Oasis of Krishnagiri.

Account Number: 080201003841

RTGS/ NEFT/ IFS Code: ICIC0000802 

(Reference: Name, place)